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John G | 2023

GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT PRICES!!! 10 out of 10! This place will make your feet feel great and your heart feel even better! My foot tender showed me deep compassion and understanding as we found the right shoes for me. There was another person working. She was great too! I was treated like the world revolves around my feet.😀😀😀

Laurel B | 2023

My foot pain literally disappeared with the right insole! More than thrilled with the service and product. Would definitely recommend! I’m dancing again!

Alana B | 2023

Went to the Good Feet store for the first time this week. I didn’t know what to expect but scheduled my fitting ahead of time. When I got there, Matthew talked me through the entire process, answering the (very many) questions I had along the way. I left with a clear understanding of what to expect and how to follow-up if I had any questions. I’m so grateful for his patience and attention!

Stacie L | 2023

Great staff. Professional, personable and full of knowledge! I’ve had problems with my feet for a very long time. So far seems like I’m cured!!!

Bill H | 2023

My experience was great. For several years I had shoulder and joint pain which I was told was bursitis. I got hip and leg pain to follow for the last 2-3 years. The pain went to my back when I got a job that required me to be on my feet for 7-8 hours a day. The back pain would keep me from standing up straight at times. I went to The Good Feet Store and Dave helped me. I felt some relief in the store but I’ve limped for so long I believe I have to build those muscles up again. It was well worth it.

Dorothy R | 2023

I just went in to check it out and she put the one insert in both of feet and I walked around a little bit and oh my God I could feel a difference thank you Good Feet.

John D | 2023

The associates are nothing but friendly and professional; always a pleasure stopping in. Their products have literally saved my terribly flat feet from aching at the end of the day. Much less expensive than prescribed orthotics, and I’ve actually developed an arch imprint compared to my first visit years prior. I cannot say enough praise and couldn’t recommend higher. If your feet (knees, hips, lower back- it’s all relative) ache at the end of the day, stop in and talk to someone at The Good Feet Store!

Brent C | 2023

100% satisfaction within minutes my knee pain was gone within a week my foot pain was gone and friends, family and coworkers notice a difference in how I walk. How did I not know about this place before?

Rita Y | 2023

Martha welcomed me in this last Sunday and I had an incredible and friendliest experience. I discovered the best shoes that fit my feet and budget. She gave great detail to what my feet/body needed to be optimal. The orthopedics I tried on changed my world and understanding of proper foot care. Thank you Martha for giving me your time and smile. I’m a step closer to walking better with a straighter posture and less pain. Thanks again Martha!

Rocco C | 2023

I just want to give the staff a big hug for helping me.

Beth T | 2023

This store is very professional. They have answers for your questions. I started with Good Feet about 2-1/2 to 3 years ago. Their system has definitely worked for me! Could hardly walk the first time I checked out what they had…walked out pain free!!! I went in recently to buy a pair of shoes and trade in my worn orthotics. Highly recommend!!

Jimmy J | 2023

The Good Feet Store changed my life. I walked in limping with a painful lower back. I walked out standing straight with much less pain. Thanks to the Good Feet Store my quality of life is back.

Robert G | 2023

Currently 10 days into the process. I have experienced improvement in my back pain. While not a miracle I can feel the progress and I am enthusiastic about the future if we continue to see the daily improvement. I have back issue that manifest themselves into radiating leg pain. Everyday is a little better since I have begun wearing the supports and following the program.

James N | 2023

One of our best customer experiences ever, thank you Carolyn. Very sincere and understanding, wanting to help fix our feet issue. Highly recommend products and customer service. Thank you for everything Carolyn!

Calandra H | 2023

I got the whole kit and it has helped the plantar fasciitis where the shots did nothing. The back pain, foot pain, and the balance issues are getting better within the first week. The worst was feeling like I was stepping on a nail every time I took a step, and after 4 years of little to no relief, I finally decided to come to them. *Update: I went back for the check-in and I had to get a different support for my strengtheners. Heather got me a better fitting support and sent me on my way happy as a clam! The unexpected part was how it’s helping my hips! Thank you for giving me my ability to hike back!

Karen Z | 2023

They are the best thing since slice bread. They stand by their guarantee . I recommend them highly

Kaitlyn V | 2023

I limped into Good Feet and I walked out! Dominick spent two hours with me assessing my issues, understanding my lifestyle, and helping me find the right inserts and insoles for me. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Harold P | 2023

The sales woman was very knowledgeable of the product, extremely professional in her presentation and showed a genuine concern for the well being of my feet

Tamecka J | 2023

The very first thing that caught my eye was the cleanliness. It felt clean the moment you walked in. Everyone was so generous and informative. I was unaware of what I needed to help not only my feet, but my posture, and my balance. I will definitely be back to Good Feet. Thank you for helping me identify what I needed, and thank you for doing something about it.

Lindsay F | 2023

They have been great working with my family. There are 3 in my family who use the arch supports. They are very friendly staff and great at explaining. Highly recommend!!

Susan E | 2023

They were very helpful. They even followed up and checked to see if I felt comfortable with my new insoles. Highly recommend.

Paul K | 2023

As a lifelong athlete and highly active person in general, taking care of my body requires head to toe attention from qualified experts. When I mentioned I needed new running shoes with inserts for proper alignment, a friend recommended I see Noah at the Good Feet Store. The knowledgeable care and professionalism I experienced exceeded all of my expectations. Noah took the time to measure and analyze my feet, made outstanding product recommendations, and worked with me patiently to select a perfect combination of shoes and inserts to get me back outside training. Even better, they worked with my HSA.

Gordon A | 2023

Received a great explanation on their system. I have been making nice progress. Using their inserts has strengthened my soles of my feet. It’s beginning to deliver on the promise.

Sher H | 2023

I had a handicap friend name Jakinda with me. While Joshua attended me, Elizabeth worked with my young friend and showed her some things she could do to help herself. Jakinda was so happy with the outcome. That gesture touched my heart. Your store is full of food people doing great things.