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Tanasbourne, OR | 2023

My experience was great. For several years I had shoulder and joint pain which I was told was bursitis. I got hip and leg pain to follow for the last 2-3 years. The pain went to my back when I got a job that required me to be on my feet for 7-8 hours a day. The back pain would keep me from standing up straight at times. I went to The Good Feet Store and Dave helped me. I felt some relief in the store but I’ve limped for so long I believe I have to build those muscles up again. It was well worth it.

Clearwater, FL | 2023

The associates are friendly and professional; always a pleasure stopping in. Their products have literally saved my terribly flat feet from aching at the end of the day. Much less expensive than prescribed orthotics, and I’ve actually developed an arch imprint compared to my first visit years prior. I cannot say enough praise and couldn’t recommend higher. If your feet (knees, hips, lower back- it’s all relative) ache at the end of the day, stop in and talk to someone at The Good Feet Store!

Yakima, WA | 2023

Before coming to the Good Feet Store, my husband Santiago had foot, knee and back pain. The inserts have made a world of difference. The pain is gone. The staff are great, they are so patient and helpful. I would recommend the Good Feet Store to anyone with foot, knee or back pain.

Vancouver, WA | 2023

I just went in to check it out and she put the one insert in both of feet and I walked around a little bit and oh my God I could feel a difference thank you Good Feet.

Waverly, FL | 2023

Bryan was amazing he is very nice, friendly, resourceful, knowledgeable and professional. I walked in with hurting feet and walked out with new insoles that straightened my posture, relieved the pain in my feet and had me walking out with a happy smile feeling better. A great investment.

Wesley Chapel, FL | 2023

100% satisfaction within minutes my knee pain was gone within a week my foot pain was gone and friends, family and coworkers notice a difference in how I walk. How did I not know about this place before?

Tualatin, OR | 2023

Great experience, thorough and helpful. Ask for Riley. She is very friendly and what I’d want as a face of my company. She has excellent knowledge, I had a great experience and will be returning again.

Yakima, WA | 2023

Martha welcomed me in this last Sunday and I had an incredible and friendliest experience. I discovered the best shoes that fit my feet and budget. She gave great detail to what my feet/body needed to be optimal. The orthopedics I tried on changed my world and understanding of proper foot care. Thank you Martha for giving me your time and smile. I’m a step closer to walking better with a straighter posture and less pain. Thanks again Martha!

Alpharetta, GA | 2023

This store is very professional. They have answers for your questions. I started with Good Feet about 2-1/2 to 3 years ago. Their system has definitely worked for me! Could hardly walk the first time I checked out what they had…walked out pain free!!! I went in recently to buy a pair of shoes and trade in my worn orthotics. Highly recommend!!

Columbia, SC | 2023

The Good Feet Store changed my life. I walked in limping with a painful lower back. I walked out standing straight with much less pain. Thanks to the Good Feet Store my quality of life is back.

Brandon, FL | 2023

Currently 10 days into the process. I have experienced improvement in my back pain. While not a miracle I can feel the progress and I am enthusiastic about the future if we continue to see the daily improvement. I have back issue that manifest themselves into radiating leg pain. Everyday is a little better since I have begun wearing the supports and following the program.

Farmington, UT | 2023

One of our best customer experiences ever, thank you Carolyn. Very sincere and understanding, wanting to help fix our feet issue. Highly recommend products and customer service. Thank you for everything Carolyn!

Alpharetta, GA | 2023

I accompanied my wife to the store to get an idea of what The Good Feet Store is all about. While I did not (yet) make a purchase, the staff presented a very detailed review of the equipment and services they provide. I am considering using their products and services.

Johnson Creek, OR | 2023

I am a chiropractor and treated many people with plantar fasciitis and flat feet which I struggled with myself. The Good Feet store has one of the best approach in Vancouver and Portland for flat feet, foot pain and plantar fasciitis. Their support system is not a crutch that weakness muscles of the feet but actually and exercise that strengthens those muscles. Their costumer service is like family here!

Fargo, ND | 2023

Professional listen to what I was looking for and what was bothering me to make sure I got the right fit. Very happy.

Johnson Creek, OR | 2023

He was very professional. Completely explained how ur system worked. I am a skeptic. Was originally give U 2 stars. But have to admit, so far, so good. Feet muscles sore, but getting stronger. Give me time; U mite work ur way up to 5 stars yet!!! 🤭😁