Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her & Him

Trying to find a gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day that doesn’t include chocolate or flowers? Give them the gift of health and comfort with Good Feet products! Here’s a list of great gift ideas for him & her.

For Him:

vday gifts for him


1. Shoe Horn
2. Cardiff by Tenevis footwear
3. Beast by Brooks
4. Foot Massage At Home
Center photo: Tauer & Johnson footwear

For Her:

vday gifts1. High Heals by Good Feet– Arch supports designed for women’s high heels
2. Slippers by Acorn
3. Cardiff by Tenevis Footwear
4. Chloe by Durea

We also have gift cards and other products that would make fantastic gifts for Valentine’s Day!


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Celebrate Good Health

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any another family holiday/tradition, we’re all asking ourselves the same thing. What are we going to get for our loved ones this year?

We want to get them a gift that is useful, unique, and will bring them happiness. It’s a gift that will be long lasting and helpful to the receiver in some way. But, where do we find a gift like that?

Let us help you find your perfect gift.


For the one that is looking for relaxation:

  • Acorn Slippers (for men and women)

Give the gift of comfort with our line of Acorn slippers. 

  • Accusager

Portable, hand held magnetic foot and body vibration massager. Use anywhere, anytime to energize and revitalize your entire body.

  • Foot Massager

Promotes blood flow to the feet and calf — widely used for people with diabetes to improve circulation Helps in the prevention of leg cramps Powerful 2 speed motor and it’s maintenance free

For the one that is looking for style

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Create your very own Tauer & Johnson footwear. 

  • Chloe by Durea

Pamper your feet with unmatched quality and removable insole. Chloe by Durea is a perfect match of superior comfort and sophisticated style.

For the one looking for relaxation and bliss

  • Total Foot Repair (TFR) by Advanced Healing Technologies

Benefits of TFR

*Eases painful arthritic symptoms
*Re-balances lipids to fight chronic pain
*Reduces sore joints and muscle aches
*Perfect for deep tissue back and shoulder pain
*Restructures tissue after injuries, tears & strains
*Improves circulation to warm cold hands and feet
*Removes keratin calcification and wax buildup
*Increases strength and cellular energy levels
*Helps with flexibility and mobility to ease pain
*Complete repair of cracked, painful heels

  • Fox River Socks (for men and women)


Give the gift of socks, from Merino wool to compression. 

For the one who is impossible to shop for:

  • Gift Card for Good Feet


Happy holidays!