Aunt Ruby’s Trip To Good Feet

Scott Tom from Oldies 106.7 shares with us his family weekend outing to Good Feet. Today, he’s bringing in his Aunt Ruby to the Good Feet store in Tigard to get custom fitted with Good Feet arch supports! Smiles and laughs outside the Good Feet Tigard store! Our certified fitter, Sean, gives Aunt Ruby the balance test! AuntContinue reading “Aunt Ruby’s Trip To Good Feet”

Support Your Feet In Sandals

How to wear supports in sandals is a question I get from women all the time. One misconception is that others will see the arch supports in the sandal. In reality, most people who wear supports forget they are even in their shoes or sandals, because you cannot see them. Good Feet  arch supports are designed to be covered by your feet. So,Continue reading “Support Your Feet In Sandals”